Australian Music Marketing and Publicity

Show Off Services is an Australian music marketing and publicity agency based in Melbourne. We work with artists and labels to run high quality, affordable publicity campaigns for Australian tours and releases.

Show Off Services is run by Ashley Sambrooks, a veteran of the Australian music industry. His experience includes spending time at labels such as AmpHead Music, Destra Music and Fable Music.

At Show Off Services, we understand both the artistic and business imperatives of creative enterprise. As experienced Australian music publicists, we do what we do because we’re passionate about the local Melbourne music scene and the awesome people who make it happen.

For those looking for an independent and experienced music publicity agency, Show Off Services not only provide services as music publicists but also music marketing consultants: the Music Marketing Bootcamp is for bands looking to learn how to get their music on Australian radio, how to get their music on blogs and how to make the most of media contacts.

Show Off Services have the answers to many of the questions asked by musicians and bands. . .

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How do I get my music on the radio?

Show Off Services service nationally-based radio stations, Triple J & ABC networks, community stations, and relevant commercial networks. We hold face-to-face meetings with key music directors.

How do I get my band into print media?

Show Off Services deal with many print media establishments around Australia including both local and national networks. As well as covering the main body, Show off Services pay close attention to independent media specific to your project.

As well as typical print media such as music street press, our publicity campaigns focus on alternative print media outlets including lifestyle & culture magazines and major newspapers.

How do I get my music on blogs?

Show Off Services service hundreds of online blogs and music sites across the net. We pinpoint online outlets and tastemakers based on a solid understanding of your music’s audience.

How do I promote my tour?

For local and national tours, Show Off Services organises radio interviews, press editorial and online media to support tours. As your music publicist, we can tailor your advertising budget to our publicity campaign, giving your full campaign the best possible chance to reach its target.

How do I write a great press release and band bio?

Show Off Services can help develop punchy press releases and spread them throughout major and independent music industry bodies. This can be done in conjunction with, or entirely independent of the artist. Show Off Services very much values the story of an artist, aiming to pique interest that delivers demand.

How do I license my music to be used on TV and in movies?

Show Off Services can non-exclusively represent publicity clients for sync and master licensing opportunities. For more information please contact Ashley Sambrooks directly.

How do I learn to do all this myself?

In addition to comprehensive bespoke publicity and marketing services, Show Off Services run Music Marketing Bootcamps for artists, labels and managers who want to learn how to execute a DIY music marketing campaign. Full details here.